About NWSRG and becoming a member

The NWSRG is responsible for overseeing and coordinating winter service research and providing guidance for central and local government for all roads in the UK. It provides unique opportunities for members to influence this research and benefit from the results and guidance at the earliest opportunity.

NWSRG Work Programme

The current programme of NWSRG work includes the production of a comprehensive practical guide for practitioners for all aspects of setting up and delivering their winter service. Other work includes updating guidance published by the UKRLG and supporting training for winter service decision makers.

Publically available guidance, reports and presentations

The 2005 Guidance document, reports and other useful documents for winter service practitioners. Also minutes and presentations from Steering Group, Technical Advisory Group and Working Group meetings.

Code of Practice 'Well-managed Highway Infrastructure'

Publication of the Code of Practice 'Well-managed Highway Infrastructure'